LiveNorcross is no longer accepting applications for shelter assistance

In October 2017, Norcross was one of five communities in Georgia selected to improve and broaden its housing options through the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH). GICH is a public-private initiative that, through innovative housing solutions, helps communities all over the state grow their economies and enhance the quality of life of its residents. After successfully graduating from the 3-year program, the LiveNorcross team continues to serve the community through various housing programs and community outreach efforts. 

The “LiveNorcross: A Home to Imagine” Initiative captures the city’s efforts to make Norcross a more livable and affordable community for all its residents. Norcross aims to be a leader in metro Atlanta in enhancing the lives of all its residents through innovative housing solutions.

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Know Your Rights As a Renter and the Legal Steps Required for Eviction

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