Pathway Home Program

Pathway Home is a supportive housing program through the Gwinnett Housing Corporation and currently has 31 residential units thoughout Gwinnett County. The program offers disadvantaged families with children in Gwinnett County the opportunity to gain stability, learn about healthy financial habits, and move toward permanent and safe housing. Pathway Home asserts that when families are able to live without the fear of being without shelter that they can foster healthy relationships and support stable, thriving neighborhoods and communities. 

Pathway Home provides a 'hand-up' approach to working with families who have previously not had stable housing. Families are required to work closely with their case manager who sets individualized plans and goals to help each family take the necessary steps toward economic self-sufficiency.

Families have access to financial counseling and education, higher education opportunities, on-the-job training opportunities, child care assistance, summer lunch programs, job coaching, transportation assistance, and more. All families must pass criminal background screenings and drug testing to be eligible for the program. All families must have a head of household who works full time to remain in the program.  

Families who find success in this program are referred to the Welcome Home program as first-time homebuyers.