Welcome Home Program

The Welcome Home Program 

The Welcome HOME Program is a homeownership program that offers fully rehabilitated and newly constructed affordable homes to eligible low- to moderate-income home buyers. The program provides assistance in the form of a 0% interest down payment loan to qualified first-time home buyers who purchase affordable homes in Gwinnett County. The amount of assistance is dependent on household income and originally ranged between $14,975 and $22,500. With the rapidly changing housing market, GHC restructured the program by shifting solely to new construction. With typical down payment assistance no longer sufficient to cover the gap between median wages and median sales price, GHC makes the home affordable by holding a 1% interest second soft mortgage up to $60,000 (depending on need). There is no payment or interest, as long as the house remains owner-occupied. The loan is repaid upon resale and is always subordinated to the first mortgage. This program is funded, in part, by the HUD HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME).

An increase in affordable homeownership opportunities in the area lowers monthly housing costs for residents and increases discretionary spending. In addition to keeping home purchase prices down, GHC assists the target population in addressing the down payment hurdle. Prospective home buyers, particularly those with limited income, can spend years saving up enough to afford a down payment for their dream home. The Welcome HOME Program also requires all potential candidates to undergo 8 hours of home ownership counseling prior to purchasing a GHC home. To date, not a single GHC home buyer has experienced a mortgage delinquency or foreclosure. 

How the Program Works

The Welcome Home Program offers mortgage assistance in the form of a 1 % interest loan to qualified first-time homebuyers who purchase affordable homes in Gwinnett County. The amount of assistance is dependent on household income, and it ranges between $14,975 and $60,000.

The soft loan is provided at a 1% interest rate and is recaptured only if Gwinnett County’s affordability requirement is not met or when the home is no longer owner-occupied. No scheduled payments are required on the GHC Welcome Home Program during the affordability period. If the homebuyer occupies the home purchased with HOME funds as their principal residence for the duration of the pre-determined affordability period, the loan is satisfied and no repayment to Gwinnett County is required. (The pre-determined affordability period is 20 years.)

Who is Eligible? 

1. First-time homebuyers (including homebuyers who have not owned a home in the past three years).
2. Households whose gross household income does not exceed 80% of the area median income                                                      

Income Limits

3. Applicants who are pre-approved or a loan of at least $300,000 from a mortgage lender
** A pre-approval of a loan for $280,000 with approval for additional subsidy for down payment assistance may qualify.
4.  Applicants who complete an 8-hour pre-purchase counseling class from a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and receive a Certificate of Completion.

What Properties are Eligible?

At the current time, only properties owned by GHC are available for this program.

How To Apply

GHC is currently accepting applications for the Welcome Home program for the homes in the Forkview Subdivision.  Prospective buyers may submit applications through one of GHC’s listing agents. 

GHC Listing Agents

Please see the lots currently available and the realtors assigned to each lot. 


Rudhil Companies, LLC

Hilda Abbott



Lots 1, 3, 20

Logo CR

The Cole Realty Group, Inc

Valyn Lyons



 Lots 2, 18, 19


This program accepts applications on a first come, first served basis, there is no waiting list. 

GHC’s listing agents will require all buyers to complete a pre-application to be considered buyers for a Forkview home. The pre-application must be complete in its entirety with all required documents prior to submission. Incomplete applications will not be accepted or reviewed. To ensure a smooth process, it is highly recommended that you gather all required documents prior to contacting our agents.

Buyers must be able to provide the following:

  • A loan commitment letter from a mortgage company detailing the approved mortgage amount and fixed-interest rate terms.
  • Three bureau credit report score sheets from your mortgage lender
  • Certificate of completion for an 8-hour First Time Buyer class from a HUD-approved housing counseling agency

Participating Lenders

Lender Contact 
Motto Mortgage Nicole Thornton
Summit Funding   Lauren Summers

Pauline M Harris 
Ameris Bank Shannon Erickson  
Silverton Mortgage  Terri Madden 
Fifth Third Bank  Taylor Whigham
Capital City Home Loans Luis Varela

Chase Bank Mia Ibrulj
office.  770 597 3961 mobile. 770-597-3961
NMLS ID 455210 
United Community Mortgage Eric Dunlap