For more information on Hearthside Lawrenceville, visit online at www.apartments.com and then search for "Hearthside Lawrenceville" 

Located in Lawrenceville, Hearthside Lawrenceville will be a Low Income Housing Tax Credit apartment development, with 140 rental units housed within a four-story building as well as single-story cottages sitting on approximately 5 acres of land, available to those aged 62+. 

The partners are the Georgia DCA ($28m in LIHTC), the Gwinnett County Community Development Program (HOME funds), OneStreet Residential, and Truist Bank. The financing closed on March 18, 2022, and land clearing started on March 28, 2022; there is an expected completion date of mid July 2023.

Since closing, trees have been cleared, erosion control was completed and the 7-day letter was issued on May 10, 2022, and grading started the week of 5/16/22.

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