Home Ownership Center -  Coming Soon

Gwinnett Housing Corporation (GHC) is seeking partners to support the development of a comprehensive homeownership center in Gwinnett County.  GHC is looking to partner with agencies, service providers, non-profit organizations, lenders, realtors, and developers that will support this initiative.
Why A Homeownership Center? 

A homeownership center will ensure that more low-to-moderate income residents in Gwinnett have the opportunity to become home owners and current low-to-moderate income residents in Gwinnett have access to the resources that support preserving ownership of their homes. 
Aspiring Homeowners - Low to moderate-income residents of Gwinnett County have been challenged with the rising cost of homes. Since 2015, housing prices have continued to rise, with median sales price exceeding $400,000 in May 2022, leaving the supply of affordable units in short supply. Additionally, increases in construction costs and land have driven up the cost of new construction, making new homes unaffordable for low-to-moderate income residents. A homeownership center will ensure that income-qualified families receive housing counseling, down payment assistance support, and are connected with realtors, developers, and lenders. 
Current Homeowners- Low-to-moderate homeowners in Gwinnett County are challenged with retaining their homes. As homes age, they may require rehabilitation to remain in compliance with local housing codes or, they may need energy-efficient improvements to reduce rising utility costs. An estimated 57,000 homes in Gwinnett will be 50 years old by 2030. The cost of completing the rehabilitation and upgrades is often too expensive for low-to-moderate income homeowners. A homeownership center will ensure that families that qualify receive access to funding and contractors to make the needed home repairs. Homeowners who experience financial difficulties will also have access to housing counseling services and foreclosure prevention programs. 

Why Partner with GHC?
The Gwinnett Housing Corporation is a nonprofit development organization with a focus on creating, rehabilitating, and operating quality affordable residential housing. The mission of the GHC is to create sustainable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income families in Gwinnett County. This is done through the creation, revitalization, and preservation of housing stock in targeted neighborhoods with physical and economic reinvestment needs. As such, GHC is experienced in every aspect of housing, from development and rehab of affordable housing for sale to low-income home buyers to maintenance and management of affordable rental housing. 
It is the Gwinnett Housing Corporation’s goal to create, preserve, and improve affordable housing options for Gwinnett County’s low-to moderate income residents and consequently, the economy. To achieve this goal, the GHC is on path to develop, either through construction or rehabilitation, nearly 110 homeownership units, and 327 rental units by investing over $80M in federal and matching funds through both our Welcome Home and Pathway Home programs. GHC has redeveloped neighborhoods by acquiring blighted foreclosures and increasing property values by 30%, and supported families by providing nearly $700,000 in total down payment assistance for first time home buyers. The down payment assistance provided through our Welcome Home program over the past five years has been leveraged into nearly $7 million dollars in equity for low to moderate income families across the county.