Older Adult Home Modification Program

The Older Adults Home Modification Program

The Older Adult Home Modification Program's purpose is to enable low-income elderly persons to remain in their homes through low-cost, low-barrier, high-impact home modifications and repairs that will reduce preventable injuries, improve general safety, increase accessibility, and improve their functional abilities in their homes. The goal of this program is to enable older adults to remain in their homes and "age in place."  

How Does the Program Work

As a part of the process, an Occupational Therapist completes an in-home assessment to identify and prioritize the changes necessary to the home environment to make tasks easier and reduce accidents. The assessment may also include repairs or modifications that increase home safety. After the work is completed, the Occupational Therapist completes a follow-up home visit to provide education about the modifications and assess the changes made to the home. 

Eligibility Requirements

All units assisted through the Healthy Homes Program must meet the criteria outlined below
Healthy Home Must be a homeowner in Gwinnett County Georgia
Healthy Home The unit must be the homeowners primary residence
Healthy Home Must be age 62 or older
Healthy HomeThe household income must be at or below 80% of the area median income

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If you need assistance or require additional information please call our office at 770-589-0270 or email us at info@gwinnetthousing.org

Examples of Home Modifications That Could Be Completed

Healthy Home Uneven surfaces inside and outside of the home   
Healthy Home Lever Style Handles
Healthy Home Grab Bars
Healthy Home Ramps                                                                                                           
Healthy Home Comfort Height Toilets      
Healthy Home Handrails
Healthy Home Installation of Toilet Risers with Handles                                                     
Healthy Home Lighting/Motion Sensor
Healthy Home Easy Open Locks                                                                                                 
Healthy Home Walkways/ Pathways

Fair Housing
This program is supported by funding under an award with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.